At Aussie Island we think progress is a good thing. That is why we are proud to support all of our athletes that ride for us. Whether it be Surf or Skate, these team riders help progress the sport they choose. We believe that they are not only team riders but part of our Aussie Island family.


Tyler Faulkner, Jo Pickett, Darsha Pigford, Johan Sanchez, Daniel Saachi,, Airlee Pickett, Amanda Evans, Catherine Neff, Mason Yohe, Peter Gloss, Elijah Gloss, Trevor Francis, Leah Thompson, Deonna Murray, Michaela Boone, Keith Boswell, Tim Brinson, Colby Crombie, Saylor Emmart, Stone Tippett, Katelyn Sewell, Ryan Sage, Kai Nau, Mack Landry, Jacob Savage, Kyle Hairr, Connor Savage, Leigh Powell


Zach Riggs, Jake Godwin, Shannon McCarthy, Thomas Sage, Micah Bland, Molly Lewis, Britton Vitolo, Seth Prevatte, Gabe Sirenko-siryj, Daniel Rodriguez, Aaron Felger, Cody Newton, Xavier Alfred, Curren Atterbury, Ryan Sillaman, Tyler Dick, Eric McGuinness, Kieran Rowlee, Pullup Tim, Vince G, Matt Moore, Levi "Ramp Killer" Buttery