Wetsox For Your Feet.

Wetsox for your feet. Get in and out of a wetsuit and boots in seconds. Extend the life of your suit. Wetsox Therms add +1mm warmth. Stop by and try some on.

Aussie Island Board Stories.

Aussie Island Board Stories. We have a great selection of Surfboards in stock for spring. We carry Roberts, Vernor, Jason Rowells, Savage, Joel Tudor, Guy Takayama, Torq, Catch Surf, and many used boards. We can also custom order anything you can imagine. Stop in and check out our selection. We love talking about surfboards here.

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic 2016.

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic from horizoncreativeco on Vimeo.

Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic 2016 video made by Brown Bear Visual and Horizon Creative Co. Jacob Laham and crew did a great job capturing a great contest.
One of the longest running all women’s and girls only surf contest. The contest brings families and friends together from all over the states. It’s more than a surf contest it’s a special couple of days spent hanging out on the beach.

Reef Just Passing Through Bali: Episode 2

Reef Just Passing Through Bali: Episode 2. Reef Ambassadors are forever just passing through, crossing borders, taking in cultures, and exploring foreign shores. And now you can follow our ambassadors more closely, as we roll out a new monthly film series for 2016, showcasing their adventures in the best waves around the globe. This 10 Episode series will bring you along with our team to far off, exotic locales to iconic surf destinations.

Episode 2: Reef takes a retro-aggro approach in Bali for the second installment of our Just Passing Through Film Series. Reef rippers, Adam Bennetts, Evan Geiselman, and Mitch Crews blended with VHS scratch, speed lines, and lip blasts create a solid dose of Just Passing Through on high energy – See more at:

Peahi Challenge Jaws 12/6/2015.

Peahi Challenge Jaws 12/6/2015. Pretty incredible surfing. Luckily no one was killed. Big congratulations to Billy Kemper for winning the first ever paddle event at Jaws and all who surfed. Lots of big scary waves. Filmed by DR Media Productions.

Maya Gabeira Nazare New Angle.

Maya Gabeira Nazare new video angle of her big wave a week ago. Maya charges a lot harder than you. She overcomes the trauma of a near drowning and reclaims her spot in the lineup at Praia do Norté, Nazaré, Portugal. Footage : Alex Laurel
Edit : @dadazito