beach bike

Bike Rentals at Wrightsville Beach.

Bike rentals at Wrightsville Beach and more. Cruise the beach or ride a bike to dinner. The bikes are the best way to get around on Wrightsville Beach. You don’t have to worry with finding a parking place or paying to park.

We also rent stand up paddle boards, surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, beach chairs and umbrellas. If you want to have fun at Wrightsville Beach we have all the gear to make that happen.

Wrightsville Beach bike rentals. We rent Jamis Earth Cruiser Bikes which are perfect for cruising the beach. Perfect weather for Paddleboard rentals now that summer is here. We have the lowest price rentals on Wrightsville Beach. Paddleboard rentals start at $15 for a hour and a half, $30 for three hours, and $50 for twenty four hours (day). We have also have surfboard rentals, bodyboard rentals, skimboard rentals, beach chair and beach umbrella rentals. We think we have the best umbrellas, with our eight foot Buoy Beach UV umbrella with sand anchor. We rent fun!