I Like to Fly – Stu Gibson

Check out this incredible footage from Stu Gibson.

Some random moments from 2014, it certainly was a busy and fun year, i travel with my pet drone everywhere i go and im excited to start 2015 as a licensed drone operator, its going to be a freaky industry to work in.
Thanks to all the crew and talent that take me on these amazing adventures.

Website: stugibson.net

I like to fly from stugibson on Vimeo.

Savage Surfboards.

We proudly carry Savage Surfboards. It was great to see Kenny and Shawn at the Surf Expo.
Since 1972 I bet the love and passion to build surfboards, I am truly blessed by the Lord to still be shaping today ! I am truly honored to still be shaping today in the year 2014, this is my last board of the year number 38,923 , I just want to take this moment to thank the Lord, my family, friends and customers of the past and future for this honor you still be producing top quality#customsurfboards ‪#‎handshapes‬ and look forward to even a brighter year in 2015,come see what we have new in store for this year @surfexpo . Bright ‪#‎surfboardcolor‬ Will be displayed on ‪#‎Millenniumfoam‬ because we ‪#‎buildonquality‬ and we believe in ‪#‎American‬ made ‪#‎Surfboards‬.


Happy New Year-2015

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Welcome New Year…
We look forward to you
A year of wonderful happiness
A year of good health
A year of great success
A year of incredibly good luck
A year of continuous fun
A year of world peace
Happy New Year 2015


Jamie Mitchell at Mavericks XXL Big Wave Awards.

Jamie Mitchell at Mavericks XXL Big Wave Awards. Jamie Mitchell (Gold Coast, Australia) paddles into a huge wave at Maverick’s, California on December 20, 2014, successfully competing the initial drop, but then taking a savage beating when the next section blocks his path. Video by Tony Harrington. An unusual combo entry in the both the Billabong Ride of the Year and the Wipeout of the Year categories of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. Jamie snapped his board on the inside. He got another board from his support team. Then he paddled right back out and got another wave.

Gullwing Trucks Alexis Rivera New Part.

Gullwing Trucks Alexis Rivera new part. This video part is a testament to the warrior from Puerto Rico, Alexis Rivera. Halfway through the filming of this part Alexis was stricken with cancer and faced a whole new challenge. We are incredibly stoked to say that he made a full recovery and was able to come back, finish the part, and it lay down.