Jamie Mitchell at Mavericks XXL Big Wave Awards.

Jamie Mitchell at Mavericks XXL Big Wave Awards. Jamie Mitchell (Gold Coast, Australia) paddles into a huge wave at Maverick’s, California on December 20, 2014, successfully competing the initial drop, but then taking a savage beating when the next section blocks his path. Video by Tony Harrington. An unusual combo entry in the both the Billabong Ride of the Year and the Wipeout of the Year categories of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. Jamie snapped his board on the inside. He got another board from his support team. Then he paddled right back out and got another wave.

Gullwing Trucks Alexis Rivera New Part.

Gullwing Trucks Alexis Rivera new part. This video part is a testament to the warrior from Puerto Rico, Alexis Rivera. Halfway through the filming of this part Alexis was stricken with cancer and faced a whole new challenge. We are incredibly stoked to say that he made a full recovery and was able to come back, finish the part, and it lay down.

Burton Snowboards and Gear.

We are your Southeastern Burton Snowboard Headquarters. We have Burton Snowboards, outerwear, and softgoods. This TWC Pro snowboard has some of the best graphics we have ever seen. The TWC Pro is revved up and ready to preform alchemy on all-terrain. In Superpipes and slopestyle courses around the world, and every condition in between, camber delivers the snappy and stable suspension that hard riding demands. Frostbite Edges eat up bulletproof ice, while the WFO base accelerates past the competition. Similar to the Custom but with a more responsive flex and slightly narrower and more responsive width, the TWC Pro is the logical next step for riders ready to upgrade their game.


New Jason Rowells Surfboards.

We just got in some new Jason Rowells Surfboards. Jason started shaping in North Carolina in 1989. He moved out to Carlsbad, California in 1994. Once there he hung out with Chuck Hundley from Clubber Surfboards. He soaked up knowledge from Chuck, Rusty Whitlock, and Allen from Resin Fiber. Jason’s niche is shaping EPS surfboards. They are super light and look insane! His website is www.jasonrowellssurfboards.comwww.jasonrowellssurfboards.com


Shop Small – Small Business Saturday.

Shop Small – Small Business Saturday. This holiday season think big by shopping small (local). When you shop small you support the businesses owned by our friends and neighbors. Everyone contributes to the investment in our community. You can help by dedicating a portion of holiday shopping to local independently owned small businesses. Today kicks off with Small Business Saturday.


Black Friday ShopSmall Saturday Sales.

Black Friday and ShopSmall Saturday Sales.

-Rip Curl Search GPS Watch $75 off

-Buy one get one free Jeans

-20% off Mens and Ladies fall and holiday clothes

-Last year’s Burton outerwear 50% off

-25% off Shoes

-Buy 2 t-shirts get 1 free

-15% off Skateboards