Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Fourth of July! We have men’s/boy’s walk shorts and board shorts 25% off this weekend. Ladies dresses are 25% off. Come in and check all of our sales.#fourthofjuly #sale #uncw #cfcc #wilmingtonnc #wrightsvillebeachnc #carolinabeachnc

Show Your Colors.

Show your patriotism on this weekend. Come get geared up for tomorrow. #fourthofjuly #yewwwwww #wilmingtonnc #wrightsvillebeachnc #carolinabeachnc   

Help Support State-of-Shaka.

Help support state-of-shaka. Here is there mission:
The vision for S.O.S started several years ago in Wilmington N.C. when I noticed as an elementary school art teacher and surfer that not many of my students had experienced surfing. State of Shaka developed as a chance to share my love of surfing, teaching and design. The goal of S.O.S is simple… sell t-shirts to offer local youth in need the opportunity to learn how to surf! Surfing is often so much more than the experience of riding a wave. Like other sports, surfing offers youth an outlet to develop their discipline and character as well as broadening their life experience and adding to the enjoyment of life. Our instructors are all advocates for their students’ successes, not only in surfing but also at school and at home.